The RPL process

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL is offered to all learners who request it. RPL is a form of assessment that acknowledges skills and knowledge gained through previous formal training conducted by industry or education, work experience and or life experience.

The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes of learning rather than when or where the learning occurred.  If you believe that this may apply to you for any part of the course, then you should request an application kit during the enrolment process. RPL is available on request at the full face to face course fee.

Credit Transfer.

Credit transfer is available when you have completed one or more units of competency with a nationally accredited RTO and want to apply this towards one of our courses.  Credit transfers must be like for like, i.e. the unit codes must match exactly between the previously completed unit and the unit for which you are requesting credit for or its equivalent as listed on  To apply for credit transfer we will need a certified copy of your certificate, record of results / transcript and or statement of attainment which clearly lists the unit/s previously completed.  One of our assessors will determine the authenticity and validity of your credit transfer application.

How to Apply for RPL.  

1.  Email or call Advantage Training Australia to discuss your RPL requirements

2.  Payment and enrolment onto your chosen course of study

3.  Arrangement of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

4.  Complete the RPL Tool and provide supporting evidence

5.  Assessment

6.  Submission of further evidence if requirement

7.  Further assessment (if required)

8.  Competency conversation / assessor interview over the phone

9.  Issue of qualification or statement of attainment

Rules of Evidence.

Is RPL the right route for you?  It is important to consider the rules of evidence when making a decision to proceed with an RPL application.  The RPL process will require you to gather a number of different forms of evidence to submit for assessment and all of the collected evidence must adhere to the rules of evidence listed below.  If the evidence that you currently hold or are considering submitting does not adhere to the following rules it may not be suitable for submission as evidence of competency.

Valid – Does the evidence meet the requirements of the unit of competency or qualification?
Authentic – Can the evidence be authenticated as your own work?
Current – Does the evidence show that your skills and knowledge have been maintained and are up to date?
Sufficient – Is there enough evidence to demonstrate competency over time or a range of tasks / areas?