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SUEZ Australia offers a range of ways to help you tackle your waste and recycling needs. You can drop off your waste at one of our 600 transfer stations. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is critical to your business’ reputation, as well as protecting the health and safety of your workers. A resource recovery centre can help your business maintain compliance, allowing your organization to function at its full potential.

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SUEZ Resource Recovery Centres are now owned and operated by ECS Environmental Consulting Services (ECS), a leading environmental consulting company. ECS has extensive knowledge of waste management regulations and requirements across Canada, including Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

SUEZ, an international leader in water, waste and resource management, has compiled a comprehensive resource recovery centre directory that can help you find a local recycling centre, water plant or waste transfer station, just contact SUEZ for resource recovery centre.

The resource recovery centre is a compulsory element of the SUEZ waste contract. It ensures the safe and responsible recovery of materials from waste streams produced by our customers. The resource recovery centre processes waste that may have beneficial reuse potential. This material is then used by SUEZ customers to provide new, innovative and sustainable products.


SUEZ is a leading global provider of water, waste and resource management services. Its mission is to preserve the planet, its resources and its quality of life for current and future generations. This goal is achieved through the recovery, recovery and reuse of water, the recycling of wastewater and the recycling of waste.

The company develops and implements innovative and sustainable solutions to help customers in urban, rural, developing and remote communities improve their lives through water management.

SUEZ is a world leader in recycling. The company’s focus is on preventing waste and pollution by recovering resources from waste streams. In 2017, SUEZ had close to 23,000 employees around the world and achieved a turnover of about €10 billion