How Many Boarding Schools Are There in Australia

Most of the boarding schools in Australia are in the Independent school sector. As per the latest information, there are about 145 schools that offer boarding facilities. Together, they have about 15,000 students living and studying in these boarding schools.

Modern Boarding Schools

You may have heard about boarding schools. It used to be a reminder of punishment for erring children. They were often reminded that if they don’t mend their ways, they would be sent to boarding schools. These are schools where students would live in school hostels amid strict rules and loads of extracurricular activities.

But in modern times, a boarding school is not a place to be scary. Rather, they can be super fine educational facilities where children are taken care of by professionally trained educators. The rules are strict but not punishing in nature. There are extra-curricular activities but they are not meant to harass the students. They contribute to the overall development of the child.

In view of these qualities, a boarding school is a much sought-after option for students coming from rural areas. These schools are also a perfect option for parents who are having active careers and travel a lot. Australian boarding schools have a strong reputation for offering best-in-class education. They also have students from various cultural backgrounds.

Different Boarding Options

The boarding facilities are available in a variety of options such as full time, weekly, and daily boarding facilities. Students in full time boarding facilities stay at the school hostel for the entire semester. They go home only when there is a big break in the academic programme or there is a long holiday.

Weekly boards stay at the school hostel and go home on weekends. Daily boarders stay at the school for extended hours and return home in the evening. A particular kind of boarding facility is chosen based on the individual circumstances of the parents.

Australian boarding schools have a strong reputation for providing excellent education, a caring living environment, and great extra-curricular activities. The students benefit from studying in a multicultural environment.

Some of the advantages of studying in a boarding school are as follows:

International Environment

Australia has accepted to become a multicultural society. So, even a young student is taught to respect people from diverse cultural backgrounds. It’s part of their curriculum. No wonder, Australian boarding schools boast students from all cultural backgrounds. Although the medium of instruction is English, the teachers may not be from an English-speaking country. This only goes on to make teaching and learning more intense and immersive.

Unique Australian Experience

For international students, Australia offers a unique learning experience. Its unique location and landscapes, geographical marvels, wildlife, flora, and fauna make studying here a doubly rewarding experience. Some of the wildlife forms such as kangaroos, echidnas, koalas, and platypus are found here in abundance.

Final Thoughts

In Australia, education is regarded highly and educational institutions including boarding schools strive hard to achieve excellence in education. Besides, the holistic manner in which education is provided in boarding schools what with all the rules and extra-curricular activities, it prepares the students for the future on a more definite note. Click here to see how many boarding schools.