What are the different types of glass smoking pipes?

A pipe is an item that is used for smoking and manufactured using various types of materials like metal, glass, corn cob, and even certain types of wood but any regular smoker will definitely suggest you go for pipes that are made of glass as those are worth it.

Glass pipes can come in multiple shapes and types and each type has a specific use, purpose, and quantity to it. They all have distinct benefits and advantages over the other.

History of Glass Pipes

Pipes were there for the last millennia and smoking too. Many ancient cultures have inhaled herb smoke in one form or the other for multiple reasons. It might also be for spiritual and religious purposes but it can also be due to social and health reasons. Smoking substances using a pipe as known today comes from the North American people of the indigenous cultures and today’s pipes are actually modeled on those. Native American used pipes which were made of clay, wood, corn, or even aminal antlers but modern pipes have evolved a lot since then.

Different types of Glass pipes

There are typically 5 types of different glass pipes. They are as follows :

Chillums Pipes These types of pipes are easy to use and the glass smoking pipes also retains the traditional style and shape. You can use a chillum pipe by putting the product on one side of the pipe and then lighting it up. You need to inhale from the opposite side and the experience of smoking from a chillum pipe is different than the rest.

Spoon Pipes – Spoon pipes are an upgrade from chillum as its shape is similar to a pipe but has one bowl at an end to deposit the product. These come with a carburetor with a hole, which you have to cover to bring in air into the bowl. Then you need to uncover the carburetor to inhale its smoke.

Sherlock Pipes – The iconic pipe is famous due to the famous fictional person Sherlock Holmes from where it gets its name. The bowl is at one of the ends of its stem and holds the herb. It generally has a long stem and an unusually long stem is also known as the Gandalf pipe which is named after another fictional character. They might or might not have a carburetor in them.

Bubbler Pipes – This is a hybrid pipe of both glass pipes with a bong. It is similar to a pipe that uses water and hence also known as a glass water pipe. The water behaves like a filter that diffuses the smoke and creates bubbles. The temperature of the water affects the experience and removes the harsher elements of the product.

Steamroller Pipes – It is an advanced type of pipe that opens on both sides and a bowl. The opening nearest to the bowl behaves like a carburetor which allows it to deliver a strong hit to the user. This pipe is definitely not recommended for new users and less experienced people. It can “Steamroll” a user very fast and hence it gets its name from there.